Our dog daycare at 1581 DeKalb Ave is open for business!

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About Us

Established January 2012, we provide quality, full-service daycare, boarding, and dog walking to Bushwick, East Williamsburg, and Ridgewood.

Since then we have grown to a team of seven, without raising our rates or expanding to other neighborhoods.

Our priority is the safety and mental and physical nourishment of each dog on its own terms. We accommodate the full spectrum of needs, from action packed dog run play dates to a laid back stroll followed by indoor playtime, from free feedings and medicine administration to helping dogs with special needs, from basic puppy potty training to basic leash training, we have you covered!


30 minute social walks are


Pay in advance, get a

10% discount

to all services!

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Professional Service 

Your relationship with your dog walker is intimate and based on trust. Trusting someone with your with your pet and your home is a big deal. That's why we use a small, local, carefully vetted team, with prior experience in animal care. Our walkers are trained in pet first aid by Dr. Natara Loose.

Along with quality service, we give you peace of mind:  We will always send you text or e-mail updates to let you know how your dog's walk went.

If you have regular weekday service, we'll work to provide the same walker every day.


Why choose us?

We are not a typical dog walking company. We love our dogs and their owners, but that's the easy part of the job!

We can handle changing schedules, next-day requests, and night and weekend service without extra fees.

Our employees get fair wages for their work, and we cooperate to provide maximum availability to your needs and a reliable face for your dog.

In fact, we did not have to decline a single request in 2013 due to our own unavailability.

We are the only local dog walker that pays sales tax, beside being fully bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates LLC. We intend to be here for the long term!

We provide special service to puppies, fearful dogs, aggressive dogs, and elderly or disabled dogs. We can offer simple solutions to common unwanted behaviors, that do not rely on discipline and dominance, endless "training" sessions with vague efficacy, or the assumption that your dog is "broken."