the basic Social Walk

We walk a maximum of 3 dogs at a time. Walk lengths are guaranteed and start after the last paw leaves the door.

Add 30 minutes

Add a sibling

Individual Walk

Absolutely no contact with other dogs allowed. Intended for aggressive dogs and dogs recovering from illness or injury.

The Sibling Rate:

If another dog in your building can be walked with your dog, or immediately before or after, you and your neighbor will both get $2 off the walk. 


Prepayment Bonus:

We sell $600 credit for only $550 paid in advance; this is an effective 8.3% discount to all services. Weekly invoices track your credit so you know when to pay again.

Referral Credit:

We offer $45 of credit for referring a customer to us for dog walking or dog daycare. We love to give this credit so please spread the word about our service!