Sibling Rates*

Our sibling rate extends to any dog in your building who can receive the same service at the same time.

Neighbors whose dogs can walk together split the sibling rate, and can pay as little as $10 a walk for service.

Prepayment Bonus

Prepay $270 and we will add $300 credit to your account, an effective 10% discount to all services.

Weekly invoices track your credit so you know when to pay again.

Referral Credit

We offer $45 of credit for referring a customer to us for dog walking.

Need advice?

Are you having trouble with a problem behavior? We can offer practical solutions to a variety of issues. We are familiar with all sorts of unwanted behaviors, from resource guarding, to excessive humping, to poop eating. Send us an e-mail and we will do what we can to answer your questions.

Compared  to other services, we take an established, behavioral approach that seeks to avoid confrontation, and sets the dog up to choose a wanted behavior over an unwanted behavior. We don't muscle the dog into obedience (obligating the owner to do the same) and we don't insist on elaborate training regimens with vague efficacy. When we are not prepared to deal with a problem we will refer you to experts rather than making the problem worse by sticking with a flawed approach. Our goal is always to improve YOUR relationship with YOUR dog.

*The Sibling Rate, Explained

The sibling rate is applied when we can give the same service to multiple dogs in the same building (not just the same apartment!).

When two neighbors get 30 minute social walks together, we charge each neighbor $11.25 for the walk. When three neighbors walk together, we charge them each $10 per dog. For 60 minute social walks, we will charge $15 to each neighbor in either case.

We do not guarantee this sibling rate, but we apply it whenever possible. (In our largest, "flagship" building for this sibling program, the median price of a social walk is $11.25.) We also reserve the right not to apply the sibling rate if we think the dogs should not walk together, out of concern for their safety or the quality of their walk. The best way to guarantee this rate is to find a neighbor whose dog wants to walk with yours!

All of our incentive pricing works together; prepayment will reduce these prices by another 10%, and you can collect $45 of credit for signing your neighbor to our service for dog walking.