"The Brooklyn Bow Wow team takes dog walking to another level! I never expected such a positive and professional experience. One of the things I appreciate most is the level of communication. Melody is very forthcoming with information if anything is changing, as well as reminders if there is a holiday coming up. They all go above and beyond to answer any questions or concerns I might have and to make sure the walks are fun and safe for my dog Thumper! As a bonus I know Thumper loves all of them, as he gets very excited any time we see a walker while we're out. Also Thumper gets to meet a lot of the dogs around the neighborhood on the walks so he usually sees a friend when we visit the dog park. I highly recommend Brooklyn Bow Wow!"



"Brooklyn BowWow is the best dog walking service that I've come across.  Not only are the dogwalkers consistent and the service fairly priced, but each walker is also very loving to my dog, Inu.  My dog loves them like family and cries to greet them when he sees them on the street.  The pictures and text notes are always very personal and let me know what kind of day Inu has had (whether good or bad); they brighten my day at work and get me excited to go home to see the happy smile on my loving pooch.  Brooklyn Bow Wow goes above and beyond the average dog walking service which makes them that much more desirable"